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We work to raise the visibility of women in the UK transport sector and improve diversity and inclusivity across all aspects of the mobility ecosystem.


Foster visibility & build networks

Support an empowered & diverse workforce

Create career development opportunities

Promote inclusive & sustainable mobility

Shape the mobility discourse

Develop partnerships across sectors


WiM UK aims to reflect diversity in its members, events and other activities, to raise the visibility of women in this vibrant sector. We are a place to network, share and exchange ideas. 


Mobility is undergoing dramatic change and our group wants to help women to have a seat at the table, to ensure transport’s future destiny is shaped to meet everyone’s needs.


We invite all female mobility enthusiasts to join our group, from students to CEO’s, industry leaders to academics, tech gurus to government workers. Everyone is welcome to discuss the future of mobility and collaboratively create a better transport future.

Meet the Team

WiM UK is run by three mobility enthusiasts with a wealth of experience, drive and determination to make our planet a better, more inclusive, place.

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