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Have a drink with us!

We are celebrating our third anniversary on International Women's Day 2023! All female mobility enthusiasts are welcome to join us for casual drinks and networking in London on Thursday March 9, 2023. Get to know other women in the mobility sector at this after-work event. Newcomers are welcome, we are a friendly bunch and look forward to meeting you! Register below. 

Examples of past events

In-person workshop

Improving inclusion in the workspace

London, 29. November 2022

The key aim of the workshop is to explore the ways in which public and private sector companies working in transport and mobility can improve gender inclusion in the workplace.

At the workshop, we will:

  • Discuss experiences and stories (if you happy to share those, of course)

  • In a series of group exercises, establish what are the key challenges and opportunities for promoting inclusion in the mobility industry.

  • Explore tangible aspects of improving inclusivity starting from creating the right policies to hiring to support in the workplace

After the workshop, WiM UK will develop a whitepaper summarising the best practice, which then could be shared with employers.

We are inviting representatives from a range of organisations to attend this workshop, so we can gather diverse views and review the challenges from different angles.

WiM UK workshop participants in London

In-person panel discussion

Mind the Gender Gap: Creating Inclusive Transport Systems

ITS European Congress June 2022

This session analysed the latest research, real-life case studies and future scenarios around the gender gap in transport; smart and sustainable systems can’t work to their full potential if they are not optimised for large parts of the population.

The session covered the gender gap in transport from different angles:

● Safety of women while using transport and how it could be improved through the use of technology

● Importance of social research and what European Commission projects are doing to ensure research projects do not overlook gender related issues

● Evidence and research on the gendered differences in travel patterns and mobility and gender differences in perceptions (satisfaction, security, safety)

● How to measure gendered differences and why

Virtual panel discussion

Mind the Data Gap: Why Transport Needs a Gender Dimension

Cities Today November 2021

The eye-opening book ‘Invisible Women’ by Caroline Criado Perez put the spotlight on the gender data gap. Its detailed analysis how this gap affects us - and can harm women - all over the world and in all areas of our lives, made a lasting impact on many of us. Transport is an important part of everyday life and an enabler in many ways: it gets us to our work places and back, delivers kids to school and enables day-to-day living.

In this panel discussion we shone a light on the consequences the gender data gap in transport has on women’s lives, look at what is being done to address this and come away with concrete steps, action items, recommendations and resources. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and learn from our experts.

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